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Create Date5th May 2015
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Mudhuts Podcast 14, we think, has not only Migs singing and playing live in studio, but also a (very) impromptu rendition of "Moon River" with Migs on guitar and comedian (and big friend of ours) Jimmy O'Neill on vocals who was sitting in as a special guest.

Finton prefers to change "acoustic heaven" to "tramp mithering" when this gets mentioned.

We've asked Migs what song he played, and he's got no idea.

Podcast 14, by the way, was the only one ever recorded on a Sunday afternoon, due to the somewhat restricted availability of one of the attendees*. Ives had a day off for legal reasons, so that none of us ended up in prison, and we had Jimmy Tarbuck (no, not that one) instead.

It was also, at this time, that we stopped splitting the Mudhuts Podcasts into CD sized chunks, as everyone told us they had mp3 players by now.



*This assumes all of the above is accurate. If it isn't, then neither is this.

Mudhuts Podcast 14
Mudhuts Podcast 14