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Create Date5th May 2015
Last Updated10th November 2016

Mudhuts Podcast 18 just so happens to be the last one recorded. Up to now.

It's not that the series has ended, it's just that it never really carried on. There was talk about doing one more just to close things off properly, but the logistics of it couldn't be worked out*

The title is probably a reference to John Terry being caught fiddling with Wayne Bridge's missus (not Frankie, the first one), and that Ozzie had been reading about Peter Sutcliffe.



*Finton has about 15 kids, Ozzie lives in a farmer's field somewhere in Lincolnshire and Migs is just about the laziest man you could ever meet.

Mudhuts Podcast 18
Mudhuts Podcast 18
Mudhuts Podcast 18
Mudhuts Podcast 18