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Create Date5th May 2015
Last Updated10th November 2016

Mudhuts Podcast 5 - The beginning of a new(ish) era

Post-Si, production was moved to a swish new studio in the dogging hotspot of North Cheshire. This was also the Podcast which began the trend for running past the intended target length of 1 hr. Like miles past.

Technically, things took a downturn as Migs, despite claiming he knew what he was doing, clearly had no idea.

Legally, there was a bit of post-recording editing required. This is the only reason there was a Podcast 6.

Mudhuts Podcast 5 Part 1
Mudhuts Podcast 5 Part 1
Mudhuts Podcast 5 Part 2
Mudhuts Podcast 5 Part 2