Not 39 Forever: No.15 - A walk down Gidlow Lane

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Let me walk you down the particular stretch of Gidlow Lane I used to live off. Let’s start at the Guardians, a pub which is still there, it’s just not a pub any more. It’s one of those buildings you can tell used to be a pub of which you can now find hundreds all over the country. I was never much of a Guardians man anyway.



05 Mar : 10:23
Great stuff Sir James. As you know I like my retro rambling :wink:
I was offered a part time job with Micron Video once, can't remember if it was filming latics games or commentating on them. Anyway the bloke who ran the thing spoke to me on the phone and asked me if I wouldn't be bothered about climbing up the gantry in the old Phoenix Stand. I told him that it wouldn't faze me, yes I was that desperate to be the next David Coleman.
The Micron bloke was made up with this and said we'll meet up for a chat over a pint the following week but I more or less had the job. I told him I was off to Cornwall that week on holiday with the wife and kids and he told me no problem we'd make it the following week.
All that week I practised my running commentary to a bemused wife and two little un's. On my return I phoned the bloke to arrange a meet and he sheepishly told me he'd had an another applicant while I was away.
I could have been the next Clive Tyldesley... not something I fret about to be honest.

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