Not 39 Forever: No.17 - The Reprise

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Well I promised 40 blogs in 70 days and I managed ermmmm....17 and that my friends sums it up in a nutshell. I'm a let down. But only 'cos I set such high standards. I'll not knock it on the head mainly because Mudhuts needs good writing, and writing about football does my absolute fucking head in at the minute, not that I'm saying that I'm a good writer but unlike 99.99% of the population, I can at least be arsed having a go.



16 Mar : 11:27
While turning 40 in the same week as Jimmy a few days before life is still as shite as 39 apart a day out in liverpool that ended in a very messy state. 222 seconds of utter joy/disbelief


17 Mar : 10:58
Here's to celebrating our 50th Statto in what will feel like about 10 minutes time :sad:

We'll probably have a nice away trip to Worksop or somewhere :wink:


17 Mar : 12:25
Now Jimmy be positive after our 30th year was spent in the 1st division for the 1st time our 40th year spent at a fa cup semi final. Our 50th will be spent in a champs league semi in Madrid that's if you can tell your daughter she can't have a £500 pair of shoes for school because dads going on a o.a.p. football trip to Spain :wink:

BTW you'll be back at your place of work for about the 7th time like a bungee rope can't get away.

Mystic Statto :wink:

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