The Ghost of Winter - Lorna

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Lorna are proud to release their new EP, "The Ghost of Winter". Hosted by our label "Words On Music" in the USA, the EP is our first ever digital release, and we are quite proud of it.

The EP features three tracks recorded by Lorna between November and December this year. All proceeds from the release go to a charity close to our heart, The Daisy Garland. You can read more about the wonderful work the Daisy Garland charity performs here
The EP consists of three new recordings by Lorna, a collection of photography by Lorna’s Matt Harrison, and various images from the recording of the EP.

The opening track "The First Person to Arrive" is a bittersweet love song from the past, evoking influences from the likes of The Velvet Underground and Low. We then revisit Aaron Jasinski’s “Snowsong” – a new recording of the song originally released on our seminal 2005 album, Static Patterns and Souvenirs.

The new version is a completely different take, employing an echoed piano, flutes, cellos, and various samples to tell the story of time gone by. “Shalom Chaverim”, sung in Hebrew, is an original Hebrew carol that closes the release.

Recorded by Lorna members Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Andy Bullock and Matt Harrison, the EP is the first recording to feature Lorna's newest member, classically-trained cellist Paul Skinner.

The EP is a limited release with a view to be pulled from distribution on February 1st 2011.

The EP, priced at just £4 will be sent out digitally to your email address, and can be purchased via Paypal from the following link: www.words-on-music.com/lornachristmas.html

Best wishes for the holiday season,




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