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See what I did there? The Mudhutter has finally made it into the digital world and the current issue and back issues are now available to buy online from the Mudhutter shop at www.mudhutter.co.uk.

The current issue is all but sold out in print form but you can now pick it up and download in seconds for the princely sum of £1.49. Once you’ve registered of course, we’re not that daft! The electronic magazine works best with iPad and PDF readers but is also perfectly functioning on a Kindle or even your phone if you’ve got one of those big flashy ones the kids are always playing with on the bus.

So if you want to pick up over 30,000 words of Latics related prose and general fanzine related nonsense along with the occasional more pensive articles, then head on over to www.mudhutter.co.uk.

We don’t just have the current issue on there, we’ve got over half the back issues with the rest to follow shortly. Many of these are completely sold out in print form and this is the only way you can read them costing just 99p.
Go direct to the shop and place your cyber order. There's no postage costs, unless you want to give us some while it's Christmas!
Mudhutter Shop

Anyway, I shouldn’t have to sell this to seeing as dozens of you have asked for it. Just consider it done and look out for more Mudhutters in the New Year as Wigan Athletic’s fanzine turns 40 and gets all middle aged and grumpy. What? What did I say?



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