Mudhutter turns 40

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It's the tough January edition. They say timing is everything and we have the co-ordination of a pissed octopus riding a unicycle. Did we really used to do nine or ten fanzines a season and stand out once a month in December, January and February through wind, hail, rain and snow freezing our collective knackers off? Apparently so....
What does Issue 40 bring us? Well, more of the same gibberish you should be more than familiar with by now. Wigan Athletic based comment and review, Wigan life, European football, Nostalgia, Pies, Chippies. features of Left Wingers and Lee McCulloch and features on scary Wigan characters of your childhood and Ronnie Scott, plus all the regular columns. 48 pages of independent, from the heart writing for just £2.

Where can you get it? Well it's ALREADY in the following places:

Sparks Newsagent, Wallgate, Wigan
Waterstones, Grand Arcade, Wigan
Mesnes Road News, Mesnes Road (obv.), Wigan
The Brickmakers Arms, Woodhouse Lane, Wigan

We will have a light dusting of sellers at today's game v Sunderland, if indeed it goes ahead and the weather isn't too inclement. Hey if anyone is mad enough to give us a hand, get in touch as two of our regulars have seen fit to have holidays in the middle of January and flounced off somewhere, lucky gets. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have some left for the Southampton game in two weeks when it'll be even colder and icier just for Lee & Donuts....

The matchday sellers we do have will be on the bridge and outside Rigalettos definitely from 2ish, maybe a little earlier unless there's a blizzard or the match has been called off. That would be pretty thick. They'll also pop around the South Stand Bar, Champions and give some to the programme seller on Robin Park. I usually do this and the others scream bloody murder at me cos it's warm inside and that.

So please take pity on your frozen Mudhutter seller by buying one and then saying "brr it's cold, now I'm off for a pint in a warm pub" - they never get tired of hearing it!

In a brief encounter with efficiency, all postal subscriptions went out yesterday so you should be receiving them imminently unless your postie has slipped and fallen on his arse with all this ice

Finally as ever, you are welcome to place an order online for either or print or digital edition:

Print: Click Here

Digital: Click Here

As ever, with many thanks to those of you who support us through these times of austerity



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