Fallon and Fox

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First Posted on 9th March 2004 by Tipping Tommy

First Fallon, now Fox, both banned for 21 days in the space of 12 hours - are they throwing the races or just bad jockeys?

If you believe everything in the press, Keiren Fallon and Sean Fox have been given more backhanders than they should have given their own mounts recently, but are they always in control of their predictions on the race outcome? Did Fallon really throw the race and did Fox really jump off the horse or was it just poor skills from the Jockey? One thing is certain, they can't always be in control of a 'betting sting' - yours truly was stung in the race after the Fallon farce when he somehow managed to lose on the Evens favourite 'Theatre Lady', which had a tissue price of 3-1 and even went a shade odds-on, a sure sign of confidence.

Did Fallon deliberately throw that one too, or did he just give her too much to do in the closing stages? Remember that Fallon has served a lengthy spell on the sidelines some years ago following his decision to pull a jockey off his mount once they'd passed the post for 'cutting him up' - was that just the Irish mon's temper or did he cost him a packet? Fallon's also been stable jock for Cecil and Stoute, and both have promptly got rid of him - this can't be due to his lack of ability...

Think about the supposed 'stings' in the Football world - could a goalkeeper on his own manipulate the final score or would he need the help of a defender/captain etc?

One thing is for sure, in the world of Horse Racing it's not just the jockey who is in charge, the animals themselves can have their own agenda, and I'm sure that if Messrs Fallon and Fox are guilty of throwing their respective races that there are at least 25 more that went wrong due to the horse not performing or a single horse in the field being much better than anyone imagined - how many 'hard luck' stories have you heard of, and how many where the odds have tumbled only for the 'steamer' to be beaten at the post?

It's not just Football that's a funny old game, if you can call Horse Racing a game which it can sometimes appear to be...just remember folks - if you get invited to a 'business meeting' with a 'high roller' from the 'Middle East' to pass on a tip, politely decline. The only thing I'm sure of is that Mr Fallon won't be ringing yours truly with any insider info!


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