Come Back Wogan - All is Forgiven

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First published on 15th April 2004 by Golly

Chris Moyles may have improved Radio 1's breakfast listening figures but one Mudhutter is less than impressed.

Going to work in Bolton is bad enough, but having to listen to the coach driver's choice of radio station makes it even worse. Up until a couple of months ago we had an old bloke driving and we had to listen to Terry Wogan's inane ramblings. Since then however he has been replaced by a young lad that insists on listening to Radio 1. As if this is not bad enough he also appears to be as deaf as a post as he has the radio turned up full blast.

The music played is bad enough, but what makes it even worse is that that fat Yorkshire wanker Chris Moyles hosts the show. If you thought Wogan talked some shite you should hear this pillock and his mate. I wasn't really bothered whether Leeds got relegated this season until I had to listen to fatso telling me how great they were every morning. Apart from this his only topic of conversation seems to be, so-called superstars such as David Hasselhoff and Uma Thurman. One morning he called a hotel in Hawaii, where Hasselhoff was staying, and recorded the receptionist saying "Aloha". He then started playing this before, during and after every record for the next week and seemed to think this was hilarious.

But hey, coming home from work is even worse, as we have to put up with that fat slag Sarah Cox (or Coxy as she is known to nobody). Not only is she from Notlob, but her only topic of conversation is her baby and the fact that she is pregnant again. When she does talk about something other than her fucking pregnancy it's something equally inane. This week she was really excited as her mum had been in the local chippy in Scumland and the owner had given her some powder for making chip shop gravy!! I don't know what is worse, her horrible accent or the crap music that she plays and thinks is absolutely brilliant.

5 More Radio 1 DJ's that are/were so far up their own arse that their eyes were red raw:

1) Dave Lee Travis - Hairy Cornflake - Twat
2) Mike Reed - One thing worse than Cliff Richard - somebody that thinks he's Cliff Richard
3) Tim Westwood - Down with the bruvva's - No middle class vicar's son
4) Steve Wright - Now inflicting his horrible persona on Radio 2 audiences
5) Jo Whiley - Do one you smug middle class bastard


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