Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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Nickolas Ashford 1941-2011

If I say the words “Ashford and Simpson” to you – if you’re of a certain age – you’ll probably start humming the 1984 hit “Solid”. Or more likely stare blankly at me. But what if I said “Aint No Mountain High Enough”? Doubtless you’ll be able to recite it word for word complete with prerequisite whoops wearing a Diana Ross wig for good measure. Same with “I’m Every Woman”. Husband and wife team Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson wrote both of these plus many more. Their body of work was substantial, they had few peers and were inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2002. Their songs are entrenched in the very heart of popular music culture yet relatively few people know who they are.


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