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There have been no more loyal a group, and none more vocal in that loyalty, than those of us here at Mudhuts, but it is my personal view that the time has come when Roberto Martinez can no longer be seen as the man to lead Wigan Athletic into Premier League mid-table obscurity.

For me, just typing those words is extremely difficult. I'm fortunate to have met Roberto on several occasions, and can't offer praise high enough for his attitude, his sincerity and his commitment to Wigan Athletic. His love for our club is both genuine and absolute, and it saddens me to see the club at such a low point with him as our manager. Simply, Roberto is one of us. He always has been and he always will be, despite the regular abuse he suffers from a small, but growing, minority at the DW Stadium. As a measure of him as a person, after being introduced to him for the first time, I met him again a few weeks later and he immediately greeted me by name. I know I'm a little hard to forget, but still.


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