Q. When is a Racist Not a Racist

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A. When he plays for Liverpool Football Club

Anybody else, playing for any other club would be rightly vilified for directing racist comments towards an opposing player, but not in Liverpool. No, in Liverpool, they are a persecuted folk hero, whose name is sung from the rooftops, and whose manager wears a t-shirt bearing the image and name of a proven fascist.

If you or I acted in such a way during the course of our workday, we'd likely be dismissed for gross misconduct, but not Luis Suarez. Instead, we have his team mates, including the very black Glenn Johnson, proclaiming him as the Scouse Victor Jara. Fans, in their loyalty to a player, may be just about be forgiven for taking such a view, but any employer willing not just to overlook overtly racist behaviour, but to actively and enthusiastically support it, can only be described as institutionally racist.


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