Mudhutter Football Express new issue out this weekend

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That's right, Issue 39 is currently getting spluttered out of a massive printing machine as you read these words. It's inky wonderfulness appearing on it's nice, shiny pages with all the grace of a preening swan. The pages gently fluttering in the breeze of extractor fans giving off a gentle aroma just potent enough to get high on, ahem should you want to.

With 52 - yes you read that right - FIFTY TWO PAGES for just two quid the Mudhutter is set to cement itself as the nation's* favourite bog read (*NB applies to WN postcodes only) If we were to summarise it in a tweet we'd probably describe it as "a load of rambling, nostalgic bollocks about football with occasional reference to other matters of the day" That's hardly going to grab your attention is it but that's effectively what it is. People who like writing doing some writing about things they like to write about and hopefully you enjoy reading and occasionally nod your head to in agreement.


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