Not 39 Forever: No.13 - A good face for radio

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Funny how as life evolves you can benchmark it in a number of ways, like the radio station you listen to. I was fresh out of school and already an obnoxious yoof who could be found in the Underground/Maximes/Pier most weekends listening to dance music and trying to make my tenner stretch in whatever means possible. My Sunday night routine involved going to a mate’s house for a smoke and taping the radio. You know audio cassettes and that. I’ve still got the tapes somewhere but every weekend I used to tape Signal Radio on a Sunday night from 10pm to 1am. New Dawn it was called, presented by some young, gurning larakins and no doubt it catered for the Shelleys masses and the naughty forty of Stoke. Only went the once and second only to the Quad in the shadiness stakes.


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