News Item: Are Latics Fans the new Rugby Fans?
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Monday 24 August 2009 - 14:59:57

First Published on 14th December 2005 by Jimmy


An total and utter disgrace tonight for 90 minutes - no not the players who played with half decent ability considering the system was unfamiliar and a gamble that didn't pay off and the captain was missing. But the fans who seem to think that we should not only compete with but somehow give a team of 20 million pound players (Darren Fletcher excepted) the runaround in front of 65,000 of their own fans.

Those of you who know me know that due to personal circumstances I've been attending most of these big games sober and it is indeed a sobering sight. For every decent lad/lass that was there tonight there must have been two utter, utter wankers there. I can't wait to read the next UWS as we will no doubt be up there ranked alongside the yonners of Bolton as the complete small town numpties that we inevitably are. Cross check the United thread in the forum and you will see that every predicted song came out in the oh so tired way with little in the way of originality. Rearrange the following - eggs to Grandma suck teach your:

'Champions League - you're having a laugh (started by Utd v Rangers a couple of years ago)
'Shall we sing a song for you'
'Who the fuck are Man Utd' (actually joining in with the Utd lot and completely losing the irony of it)
'Your support is fucking shit' (Still 67k on despite the heart of the club being ripped out)

No doubt the travelling masses were itching for Teale to come on to give the Mancs another singing lesson (and then call him a useless Scottish cunt for the rest of the game)

Piss, piss poor......

Some of us have waited all our lives for games like this and yes we were outplayed and you can argue that poor marking led to the first but Rooney is the best young player in the world and we simply had no answer to him. United as a unit were quick to move the ball about and quick to close us down when we had it. We were second best and we should be because Van Nistelrooy and Rooney are 20 million pound players. As would Scholes and Giggs be if they were sold when transfer fees peaked. YOu pay for world class. Ferdinand is another and whereas he sometimes looks dodgy it is usually when faced with fellow world class players not the grafters that Jewell has put together.

The wankers around me want our whole team dumped on the scrapheap. Roberts has no touch. Bullard gives the ball away too much. Mahon is a shite Irish wanker (who IMO was probably the best outlet for a goal). Connolly - too small. None of them want to know 'Bloody rubbish Wigan' "They're not interested'. Get real - Players made individual mistakes because United pressured them and Utd took their chances because their forwards are worth ten times more than ours and are the best in the world. So what? They're not our boys and our boys despite the score did their best.

The fat necked prick who spent the whole game stood up in front of me calling Rooney a fat smackhead summed up his social development perfectly after Ferdinand was announced as the first goal scorer he rolled up his programme and directed 'ooh ooh' monkey chants at him. The fact that several fights nearly broke out in the away section tells it's own story.

Just like Liverpool a week or so ago, we played one of the great sides of modern day football tonight and came second best against a team containing several of the best players in Europe. You may hate one or both of these teams with a passion but surely you can manage your own expectations when we play them? It was always going to happen that we were going to face a gulf in class at some point and those people who seem to think it was going to be a joyride need to know that it's going to get tough and the way to react is to get behind the side and not spend the last thirty minutes calling your own team 'useless wankers'.

Personally I think YOU are the useless wankers and if you've nothing constructive to say then fuck off back to the rugby because you don't deserve Wigan Athletic!

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