News Item: What’s the Russian for “Is that the programme lads”?
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Posted by Migs
Wednesday 30 October 2013 - 13:53:06

I was hoping the Kazan lads would be out selling their fanzine pre-match last week. Would it be called “Rubin Rags” in a nod to self deprecation? Or maybe My Perfect Kazan given the cult following that The Undertones had in Eastern Europe and the love of their boys in Ruby? Or maybe Meat and Tatar, because they like a pie in the Republic of Tatarstan so I’m told.

Anyway, as it seems even a programme is hard to come by on European shores, though friendship scarves are two a penny, we have to return closer to home and we have 52 pages of goodness currently whizzing through a printing press and smelling all inky for your delectation.

Yes that’s right, fifty two pages for just two quid for the latest issue of the Mudhutter – number 44 it is! Bagg tells us about Belgium, Tony Topping has been up in his loft (oo-er missus) rummaging through old programmes, Jonny Fairclough tackles the latest additions to the Wiggin dialect and there’s also the small matter of a lengthy interview with Wigan Athletic Chief Executive Jonathan Jackson.

Plus there’s all the regular features you’d expect and plenty food for thought and commentary about the season so far, a mix of the serious and silly, written from the heart by people who could be bothered to do so. You can warm their cockles even further by investing two of our hard earned pounds in this earthy product.

You can buy it online right now* from here Click Here

(*though if we’re perfectly honest you won’t get it till next week due to the inflexibility of postal systems coupled with our own inherent bone idleness)

Or you can accost our sellers on the bridge or opposite Rigalettos on Saturday and purchase one directly from them. If they’re looking the other way or playing with their phone, feel free to aggressive poke them with your finger. It’s the only way they’ll learn!!

Mudhutter issue 44 can also be purchased from the following purveyors: Sparks Newsagent, Wallgate; Waterstones in the Grand Arcade; Brickmakers, Woodhouse Lane; Mesnes Road News & the programme van on Robin Park.

We’ll also have our digital version online early next week over at for those of you heathens who think that paper is dead.

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