Okay, so you'd like to join us? Well, despite the rumours, we're not some bunch of inhuman freaks who eat babies (well, not all of us), so fill in all the bits you need to, check your e-mails and verify your membership. You have our word that your e-mail address or other information supplied to us will not be passed on to anybody outside the MudhutsMedia organisation. Much as we'd love to make money out of it, we won't.

Oh, but don't bother trying to register with a gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc. account. Blame the spammers. If you are known to someone on the site already, get them to tell an admin, and we'll set the account up for you with the e-mail address you want.

In short, you really should get a proper e-mail address. There's no excuse not to, these days.

Once your registration has been confirmed, get yourself over to the forums sharpish and lose yourself in some of the sharpest debate around.
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